Go/No-Go: Noon PST June 28th

We decided this morning that, although we need a couple more days to make sure there’s water in the pool, we need to set a go/no-go date. So we did.

At noon, Pacific Standard Time, on Monday June 28th, I’ll post whether it’s ‘go’ or ‘no’ and then, the madness begins (either way.)


  1. Joel and Sue,

    I love this!

    If you ever make your way to my hemisphere you are so welcome at our house. We have all the fresh air and sheep you’ll ever need!

    Remember, New Zealand is ‘the Ireland of the South Pacific’ ;)


  2. Way to sell, Paul! Know your audience, and fill their needs.

    Sue says we’ll be there just as soon as we can possibly arrange it.

    Thanks ever so much.

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