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Canada Itinerary

Posted by on 19 June 2010

Bearing in mind that nothing’s final until noon on June 28th, here’s the tentative itinerary should this Canadian shakedown cruise take place:

  1. Thursday, July 29th—Drive 10 hours to Portland Oregon. Stay with Debi Leonard and her very own Craig.
  2. Saturday, July 31st—Drive 4 hours to Everett Washington and stay with Brad and Kristy Trnavsky.
  3. Monday, August 2nd—Drive 2 hours to Vancouver where Caitlyn and Ian will give us a place to stay for approximately 3 weeks, depending on their schedule. During our stay, we plan to
    • find places for me to do house concerts
    • put on training/coaching events for virtual assistants
    • host VA mixers, perhaps once a week, at a deserving local eatery
    • connect with as many friends-of-friends as possible
    • walk, nap, smell, hear, enjoy, hold hands, dream, write, smewch, snack, cook, and more
  4. Wednesday, August 25th—Depart Vancouver. I wonder where we’ll go. We don’t need to be home until September 3rd.

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