Virtual Assistant Workshop in Vancouver Coming Together

Everything is coming together for the workshop we’ll be hosting in Vancouver in August for virtual assistants. Last night I got word from another virtual assistant that she’s definitely interested in sponsoring the workshop and we’re working on the details. Today we spoke with Renee Shupe, The Redhead VA, who has graciously offered her support to help us put together and promote the workshop to local virtual assistants in the Vancouver area.

We have a call in to a local co-working venue in Vancouver where we hope to make arrangements to hold the workshop. We have commitments from at least two other professionals to provide copies of their book and CD as give aways to attendees. And we’re working on some other ideas to give the virtual assistants who attend the workshop the most value possible.

If you are a virtual assistant and would like to contribute something as a give away for workshop attendees, please use the Contact page and let us know.


  1. Man, I love getting in front of groups to talk.

    It continues to surprise me how generous people have been. Why should that surprise me? We’re generous; most people are.

    One of the many side benefits of all this is a refresher course in upgrading my expectations. Most folks want the people around them to succeed, to be happy. They’ll even go out of their way to help you do it, if only we’d have the faith to ask them.

  2. Sue and Joel,

    Thanks for the mention! I think it’s a great idea and what a wonderful way to give back to your business by taking a break and networking with some other great VA that are local. I look forward to helping you promote and get the folks to attend. I think there’s a great opportunity here and I’m happy to be a part of it!

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