Official Launch: Thursday Morning, July 29th

We’re off to Hoquiam, Washington, leaving tomorrow morning. (I didn’t know where it was either.)

We leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow, drive 12 hours, and stay with Ralph and Kelly and their kids.

We will eat. We will play music. We will have peace.

Funny how things kept bouncing around, not knowing where they were going to land; even our plans with Ralph and Kelly changed in the past 18 hours since we first talked about it.


  1. Hoquiam? I didn’t know where it was either, and I’m still not sure how to pronounce it.

    Have a good journey, Canfields!

  2. Joel,

    Come on! How can you NOT know where Hoqium is? It’s a thriving metropolis that is near my old stomping grounds (also a thriving metropolis), Shelton.

    p.s. see you Saturday!


  3. Shelton! Such a scintillating place we almost blew off Ralph and Kelly to stay there.

    Okay, not really.

    I love this area; so fundamentally different from the two parts of California I know.

    Hoping I deliver a fun night of music Saturday. Also hoping Brad delivers a great grill experience ;)

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