We Couldn’t Wait!

It’s almost 10:30 pm Wednesday night and none of us can wait! The van’s packed, Fiona’s in a hurry to get to Canada, and we’ll be leaving in a few minutes. Tomorrow we’ll arrive in Washington and stay 4 days there. Then – to Canada!


  1. Crazy! Did Fiona count her parents to make sure she had them all?

    Guess I better get the policy manual finished. If I were any kind of organized I would create a video series …. don’t see it happening, in spite of my insomnia and, therefore, extra available hours.

  2. Joel, only let Fiona drive at night (and put the fake beard on her) so she won’t be cited. Hope you guys have a great adventure! I’ll be checking in here to see if you’ve found the place on the road that serves legendary chili dogs.

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