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Finding Our Way

Posted by on 31 July 2010

We're really enjoying ourselves and finding our way from town to town is going just fine. Finding our way in how we manage things is a learning process. We've discovered that it's not always convenient to find internet access when we want and that Joel's laptop batteries aren't worth much. So we'll have to find a way to get better batteries or something.

At the moment we're at a Borders Book Store in Tacoma WA. We had a wonderful breakfast made by Jenny Fisher in Hoquiam - potatoes, sausage, fresh fruit. Thank you Jenny for your hospitality! I've caught up on the most important  stuff. Fiona found a book or two to read quietly in the book store while mommy and daddy work on our laptops. Actually Joel's getting ready to have his over-size cup of Chamomile tea from the Seattle's Best  Coffee shop. He needs it to relax after the frustrations of his laptop batteries dying.

So I'll finish this post now so that he can borrow mine. And we'll work out all these kinks. Oh, I also talked with another Virtual Assistant in the area that wants us to stop by and chat with her on our trip back.

Have a great day everyone!

Updated August 19, 2010 with this photo of Jenny's home.

Home in Hoquiam

6 Responses to Finding Our Way

  1. Joel D Canfield

    Yeah, I guess my laptop knows I haven't liked it for a long time. A decade ago, someone (not me) paid $4,000 for this machine. That machine. Whatever. Now it's destined to be a toy for Fiona, until she starts complaining about its limitations.

    In other news, she was eating an apple in the back seat before we got here. While she was reading a book, she looked up and loudly proclaimed to the world at large "I've got a loose tooth!" It's her first, and she's so very excited.

    That's not how I remember feeling about it, so I'm glad she's so happy about it.

    Off to pass through the rest of Tacoma, then Seattle, Everett, and into Arlington for my house concert at Brad and Krisy's tonight.

    I know, absolutely, this is how I want to live. Just, with better equipment :)

  2. Paul Coltharp

    Roll on guys!! If you stop in Billings, MT let me know!

    Ps I thought I was brave moving here with nobody but my son, you guys have me beat!

    Paul Coltharp

  3. caitlyn

    Maybe you want to ditch the laptop, but Ian found this place in Richmond - 20 minutes from our place - that sells batteries at an excellent price. He got one for his old Apple laptop and was pleased with it. Might be worth inquiring ... about timelines as well as price & availability. ;-)

    See you VERY soon!

  4. Kelly

    Hope your second leg of the adventure is fun! It was lovely having you all. I'm glad you enjoyed my mom's place and her breakfast!

  5. Joel D Canfield

    We had an adventure just getting here, Kelly; my next post will be an open letter to the Department of Transportation for the State of Washington ;)

    Caitlyn, I'll have to check that out. You may have saved a life with that.

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