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Our First Full Day In British Columbia

Posted by on 4 August 2010

Yesterday, Tuesday August 3, 2010, was our first full day in British Columbia. We slept with the windows open; it’s very quiet. As soon as I was up I took the dog for a walk and then came home to make our morning tea. Joel and I drank our tea while sitting on the front porch.

We set  Fiona up with a laptop and she worked at one desk while I worked at another close by. Joel sat in a comfy chair in the living room a few feet away working away on his laptop. It was work as usual. We stopped at lunch and ate in the dining area that leads into the back yard through French doors. In the afternoon we had two business calls via Skype that went very well.

Fiona’s enjoying taking the dog for walks and making sure he has his food and water. Last night he was comfortable enough to sleep on his pillow in Fiona’s room. She loves to read in bed and has lots of books to read. We will have to go to the local library still. There’s a huge park nearby and tonight we may explore it. Fiona thinks it’s a forest and I’ve heard they may have an animal petting area.

Tomorrow we’ll go to the local Waves Coffee House and check it out. So if you happen to be in the area of New Westminster, come on by about 11:30 am and say hi!

Updated August 19, 2010 with this picture:


3 Responses to Our First Full Day In British Columbia

  1. caitlyn

    Did Fiona find the “gold” I left for her? And the reading light? It is very cool to operate but might take some figuring out. Push the button and it unfolds itself. :-)

    A hint about the petting zoo (which is free so you can go every day if you like to pet goats and look at rabbits and such) … Brodie is not allowed to go in and herd everything, so he’s an inconvenient accompanier!

  2. Sue L Canfield

    Ah, the gold. She doesn’t realize what it is and I didn’t want to presume. I’ll inform her later today. She likes that reading light though she still keeps the bedside lamp on for reading herself to sleep.

    We plan to go to the petting zoo soon and probably without Brodie. We have taken him for walks into the park. He still misses you two but is adjusting.

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