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Famous Traveling Musician to Perform in Canada

Posted by on 13 August 2010

Oh, alright; it’s just me.

But Monday night I’ll be performing in Queen’s Park here in New Westminster. Up there on a stage, in the bandshell, with seats out there for folks to sit in and the whole shootin’ match.

I take the stage at 7:00 pm and will play for about an hour. It’s still light here until nearly 9:00 so it’ll be broad daylight for my whole show.

If you’re within driving distance, c’mon down! Tell all your friends so y’all can come down and make me look famous.

If you’re not in the area, I’ll be shooting video of the whole thing. It will look much like all the other music videos I’ve done, except it’ll be in Canadian, eh?

7 Responses to Famous Traveling Musician to Perform in Canada

  1. Shawn McCormick

    Awesome. I hope we get a concert when you come through Ottawa!

  2. caitlyn

    That’s AWESOME, Joel. I’ll email some of the neighbours. Make sure you invite Michael & Cindy – I don’t think I have their email addresses.

  3. Sue L Canfield

    I mentioned it to Tammy today also when she stopped by to introduce herself.

  4. Joel D Canfield

    Shawn, no one has yet successfully stopped me from performing. I expect Ottawa will be no exception.

    Caitlyn, somehow my feeble brain hadn’t thought to invite the people right here who’ve already said, hey, let’s play music together. D’oh. I’ll fix that.

  5. Sara Gaffney

    How did the performance go? Did you invite the others to play? I want to hear all about it. You guys sound like you are really experiencing fun while you work :)


  6. Joel D Canfield

    I won’t know how it goes until tomorrow night, when it goes ;) Trust me, you’ll read all about it.

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