The Eagles Have Landed

Ian and Caitlyn have arrived for a quick overnighter before Trip #2.

Beans on the stove, brown rice and cornbread in the oven, homemade salsa in the fridge.

It’s gonna be a great dinner, followed almost instantly by waffles (or pancakes, no one’s decided for sure) for breakfast.

By bedtime tonight we will have tripled the amount of time we’ve spent with these folks whose home we’ve been living in for more than two weeks.


  1. Let me tell you, folks, it’s worth it to invite these Canfield nomads over just to get a chance at the beans, rice, and salsa experience. Yummm. Plus, cornbread muffins. Double yummm! Can’t wait for breakfast.

  2. Caitlyn and Ian saved the day for breakfast. When they took Brodie for their walk they also stopped by the store and bought eggs and applesauce for the waffles. And we got to have some home made maple syrup they brought with them!

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