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It’s Raining Newspapers

Posted by on 20 August 2010

Fiona is such a creative child. She loves to ‘read’ the newspaper and junk mail is just for her. She likes to take it all apart and spread it around everywhere. So right now she’s taking the newspaper and throwing it up in the air and singing, “it’s raining newspaper!”

Now she’s singing, “it’s raining in dry land”. Yes, she knows she’ll need to pick it all up later. After all, we can’t have the family come home to newspapers everywhere (unless they’re used to Brodie spreading newspaper around while they are gone). Right now it’s entertaining her, allows us to continue working and it’s not an electronic babysitter.

6 Responses to It’s Raining Newspapers

  1. caitlyn

    What?!! Newspaper all over my house???!! I assure you no dog or human has ever dared to do such a thing! And, that it is happening without my supervision is alarming! What if … um … if … well … it could get stuck on the chandelier and the bulbs would be so hot it would catch on fire. Or, newsprint could get on my light coloured couch … which is … uh … leather … and, uh, um … washable. Or, I know, you should never let a child play with newspaper like that …. What if she suffocates?!! ;-)

  2. Sue Canfield

    You should see what she did with art in the laundry room! :)

  3. Joel D Canfield

    Caitlyn, I assure you, I had no idea something so obviously dangerous was going on.

    I worry sometimes about Sue’s parenting skills. Just last week she allowed Fiona to eat string cheese. I’m still befuddled by that one. Has she not read the statistics on string cheese incidents?

  4. Tom Bentley

    “String Cheese Incident” – bah-dah-bum. Someone stop him before he hurts himself.

  5. Joel D Canfield

    I usually hurt others; don’t like hurting myself, but thanks just the same, Tom.

  6. caitlyn

    Thank goodness Brodie is with us for this portion of the stay! ;-)

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