Homeschooling: 1st Grade – Day 2

Today is Fiona’s second day of first grade. We homeschool through the Horizon Charter school program. Since we’re still traveling and are in Surrey British Columbia right now, you may wonder how this is working.

Well, right now we’re all sitting in a Wired Monk coffee shop in Surrey. We walked here from the place we’re staying at. So there’s P.E. – walking the neighborhood.

When we got to Wired Monk Fiona found an abacus. She thought that was a lot of fun to play with. She took a piece of paper and made up her own addition and subtraction problems and then used the abacus to figure out the answers. There’s Math!

She’s read some books and magazines – Reading. We did one spelling worksheet – Language Arts.

Later we will get out her Science book and do some science and some other things.

She’s been sipping on a Cherry Italian Soda all this time, had a cinnamon raisin bagel for breakfast and seems very happy. So far homeschooling while traveling seems to be more fun than when we’re at home.

Oh, and for a bedtime story last night she wanted to do something with maps. So out came her History/Social Science book with an atlas of North America. We traveled on the map from California to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and across the U.S.

Do your kids have this much fun in school?


  1. Fiona wants me to post her comment about this here: “I think that you should make more about homeschooling first grade and make day 3 and day 4 and day 6 even. In fact, I think there should be 18 days of each grade but there isn’t. Is there? Please respond in your very own comment. I hope you can. Dedicated to Mommy. Thank you for listening.”

    P.S. (Fiona says this is a post script)
    “I like things that are like strawberry or like this Cherry Italian Soda. They are sodas. I also like hot chocolate. Oh by the way, RESPOND!” (Fiona insisted that word was in big capital letters.

  2. Fiona, I can’t wait to meet you and your family next month.

    Last year, my son told me flat out: “Mom, you’re not so good at teaching me stuff.” I think that was his way of telling me he wants to go to school. He’s starting kindergarten next week — at a traditional school. Maybe you can convince him he’ll have more fun being home schooled. If you can’t convince him, don’t worry. My offer stands until he’s ready. My girls, however, are loving being home schooled (even if they don’t know that’s what’s really going on!)

    If you’re up for it, I’ll teach you French while you’re here!!

    Keep having fun learning and sipping those yummy sodas!


  3. Hey, can I learn some French while Fiona’s learning? I can learn, too.

    Fiona, you should oughta start writing at your blog about your school stuff, huh?

    Write! Write! Write!


  4. Fiona says, “well really when we stop going on trips I’d rather be regular schooled, not home schooled. then I’d actually be able to sit at a desk, actually have a teacher and a school to go to and then I wouldn’t have to worry about being bored and sitting at a table and knowing that I’d have a bed to sleep on.”

    Mommy says, “Fiona doesn’t realize that she’d have to get up early every day, do what they told her to do instead of getting to choose what she’d learn, she’d be bored there too (she’s bored everywhere) and she does have a bed to sleep on!”

  5. Fiona, lots of classrooms don’t have desks, and lots of teachers want to take their classes for walks to study science in the world or to coffee shops to read magazines, but they are stuck in classrooms all day! Have fun learning with your family and writing about your adventures, because lots of people wish they were you!!
    P.S. If you write about your day on your blog, I will share it with my kindergarten class, and they can respond to your posts and tell you about “regular” school.

  6. Fiona replies to Dorothy: “I have a Canadian purse with Canadian money in it. But get out of the Canadian money situation into the situations about vans or car or schooling. If I were taught about cars I’d already be an 8 year old because I don’t like to be taught about cars. Unless it’s about a van not a car. Because our car is a van, not a car. Bye-bye.”

    Fiona is now going to write a post at her blog.

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