Heading Back to Washington Today – Still in Need of a Place in Oregon on Friday

We’re wrapping up here in Surrey British Columbia today and heading back into Washington. We’re sitting here in Canada knowing we’re going to miss it as soon as we cross the border.

Right now we’re at the Wired Monk Coffee Shop wrapping up some web work before we go make our lunch and then finish packing the van for the drive to Arlington to stay with Brad and his family for a couple of nights. We’ve really enjoyed being able to work at the Wired Monk; the people have been great. You can see some of our completed web work and web work in progress.

Many thanks to Renee and Rick for putting us up the last two nights!

We’re still in need of a floor to lay our tired heads in the Portland Oregon area Friday night. We really don’t want to drive all the way from Arlington Washington to Roseville California in one shot. We’d love to crash on someone’s living room floor Friday night so we can do the long haul Saturday and be home to see family and friends on Sunday. Let us know if you know of someone who can put us up one night.


  1. Hey guys! I’m still working on a contact near Eugene, but if you don’t mind driving an extra couple of hours to Grants Pass we might have better luck. Let me know if that works and I’ll make some calls!


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