Grateful for Hospitality Received During Our Experiment

Our family is very grateful for all the hospitality we’ve received since we started our experiment of becoming nomads. When we first started planning this particular trip, we put the word out that we were looking for some places to lay our head along the way. It wasn’t until the very day we left that we actually knew where we’d be sleeping our first night (though we did already know where we’d be sleeping for 3 weeks in Canada since we were going to be house sitting).

And a week before we left Canada we had no idea where we’d stay on the way back. Of course by the time we left we had a place to stay for a couple of nights and just this minute I got the call from some friends in Portland. They can put us up Friday night!

So we would very much like to thank all the great people who showed such kind hospitality to us during our trip. We are very grateful!

Thank you to:

Ralph & Kelly Hogaboom in Hoquiam Washington and their two children Nels and Phoenix. We enjoyed our time with your family. Thanks too to Jenny Fisher, Kelly’s mom, for putting us up for a night and providing such a great breakfast one morning.

Brad & Krisy Trnavsky in Arlington Washington and their two children Sophia and Sara. We especially appreciate that you were willing to put up with us both on the way to Canada and on the way back.

Ian Walker & Caitlyn James in British Columbia Canada for trusting us with care of your home while you traveled. And to Brodie the Canine for being such a great dog to care for. We miss you!

Dan & Heather O’Keefe in New Westminster BC for having us over for dinner and making us feel like part of your family. We’ll definitely stay in touch.

Cyprian & Shannon Emmanuel and their two girls, Asia and Amergin, in Pitt Meadows BC for having us over for dinner and making us feel so welcome.

Renee & Rick Shupe in Surrey BC and Lena for giving us a place to stay for two nights. We felt right at home.

Patty at Wired Monk in Surrey BC who showed extraordinary kindness to Fiona while we spent time there using their free wi-fi to work.

James Ashman for loaning his laptop and keeping an eye on things back home while we were away.

Troy & Nancy Cordoza in Oregon for putting us up on the last night of our trip back home.

Many, many thanks to everyone!

P.S. All our hosts received a thank you card made by Pam Biannucci. Check out her site at Get The Little Picture. Thank you Pam!


  1. Yes, they are. Thanks to you for your willingness to put us up when we head out your way. I know we enjoyed having you stay with us when you came to California.

  2. You are most welcome! Thank you for taking such loving care of our killer canine. Our only regret is that we were so saturated with visiting that we didn’t really have much left for spending with all of you. Next trip here, we want to stay home and have you stay down the street so we can be your neighbours for a while. We’ll make you dinner if you’ll make us breakfast – hint, hint, on the waffles, Joel.

  3. Well, you can cook if you really want to, but if you’d prefer to just have Sue and I pop in to prepare, serve, eat, and clean, we could sure make that work.

    We understand completely about vacationing and getting people-saturated. We’re very much excited about coming back to visit for real.

    Which of your neighbors will you be sending on vacation so we can house-sit?

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