1. What an amazing life story the three of you are co-authoring!

    (“May the road rise to meet you…”)

  2. Be sure to bring a St. Bernard with brandy. Second thought, the dog hair might prove nettlesome. Just bring brandy.

    Congrats and Godspeed to you guys.

  3. I’d heard that the hair of the dog could be quite useful in certain situations, but I’ll bow to your superior experience (and hair style.)

    My days alternate between “wooHOOO!!!” and “wha-a-a-a-a-a???”

  4. So, it scared you when you wrote it, but you did it anyway? Sounds like the Canfields take their own medicine!

    Two words: FRICKIN’ and AWESOME! Go Canfields!

  5. Ric, I am so looking forward to tracking you down wherever you happen to be living on this globe and sharing a beverage and some talk. It’s gonna be fun, and I’ll bet nobody shows up in a suit . . .

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