Have I Always Had the Travel Bug?

Looking back over my 46 years of life (I’m not afraid of my age), I think now perhaps there’s always been a part of me that wanted to get up and go – travel.

As I child the only vacation I remember our family taking was driving to the Grand Canyon. Many times dad just took mom and us four kids for a drive on a Saturday afternoon. That was our entertainment (we weren’t big TV watchers). My favorite thing about going camping when my older kids were growing up was the journey of getting there more than the camping itself.

Yet as an adult I didn’t like the idea of not having a home and stability. I wanted to feel rooted and safe. However as the years passed there were many times when I just wanted to get in the car and drive – and drive and drive and drive. I wanted to pack up and go with no real reason, destination or plan. Yet I never did until I started my life with Joel.

Joel and I started our life together with a 25-hour road trip from Phoenix Arizona to San Francisco California. And then we took several road trips from Sacramento to San Diego during the next year. Our honeymoon was a road trip from our home in Roseville California to Oak Creek Canyon Arizona. We both love to drive, listen to our favorite music and talk during our trips. Since we’ve been taking road trips since before Fiona was born, I think she was born with the travel bug. Even as a baby she was an excellent traveler.

Now we often take off for a day and just drive. The idea now of living in one place (so-called stability) no longer appeals to me. Why does staying in once place equal stability? If my quality of life and enjoyment of life is actually improved by traveling, isn’t that more stable than being in one physical place – feeling stifled?

Yes, I think I’ve always had the travel bug and now have someone to share it with who is even more adventurous than me! And I feel safer than ever.

Here’s to our happy travels!

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