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They’re Off to Italy and We’re House Sitting

Posted by on 15 September 2010

Eric and Heather left for Italy this morning for two weeks. We’re house sitting for them while they’re gone. They have two mini dachshunds, Bob and Bentley, who need Fiona’s special care while Eric and Heather are away. Fiona’s very excited to be taking care of the two dogs, making sure they are fed and get played with every day.

Two weeks ago I first mentioned to my friend Heather that we’d be traveling and doing some house sitting along the way. She and Eric had been trying to decide exactly what to do with their pets while they were way. They’d just found out it would cost $50 a night to board them. When Heather realized that our family was looking for house sitting opportunities and would care for pets, she asked if our family would be willing to house sit and pet sit for them while they traveled to Italy. Of course!

So they’re off to Italy and we’re house sitting. Do you need a house and pet sitter while you’re on vacation? The Nomad Canfields may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. We are looking for house sitting opportunities in the U.S. and Canada in the coming months and can provide great references. We don’t charge for this service. Our payment is having your home as a comfortable place to live and work while we’re traveling. Contact us for more information.

3 Responses to They’re Off to Italy and We’re House Sitting

  1. Carol Ann Quibell

    You guys are ingenious! Happy travels.

  2. White

    Take a look at the worldwide housesit opportunities posted here. They get updated hourly

  3. Joel D Canfield

    Wow! Excellent resource, White. I found half a dozen in the top 20 that looked interesting. Really sorry I missed the 3-month stay in Savannah, Georgia. How great would that be, to spend winter in the deep south?

    Thanks for point our readers (and us) to a great resource.

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