Runanrunanrun Treat!

(Today’s guest post is by Bob and Bentley, the mini-dachshunds who are caring for us.)

two of them are big like our other people but one of them is little like us not quite as little though she throws the ball BALL BALL BALL shut up bob i’m writing she throws the ball for us and bob never shuts up HEY HEY HEY bob will you shut up it’s hard enough typing with paws without you barking in my ear is flapped over and it feels funny not bad funny good funny we run around the living room run and run and run and BALL BALL BALL sweet merciful heavens bob will you please go away and quit interrupting this is TREAT TREAT TREAT treat? treatreatreatreatreat gotta go


  1. Hi Bob. Hi Bentley. I wish you could send a picture of you to me up in Canada. Because I would love to see you. I wonder if Fiona will take a picture of you. She sent me a letter that said “I’ve got a camera phone.” I really wish I could see you and be at your house but you’re in California; at least I think that’s what Fiona said.

    And here’s a secret Bob and Bentley. My favorite color is bright sparkly pink. At least that’s Fiona’s. And so I would love to see you but I can only see grey and that’s the same with you. Bye

  2. Brodie asked me if I’d type up a proper reply to Bob and Bentley. Brodie loves Fiona and is glad she typed up his ‘fun’ reply. However, he thought it would be best if I could type his ‘proper’ reply. :) Sue

    I must say, Bob and Bentley, you seem to be very excitable, even spastic. From what Sue told me, your manners are far from impeccable. Yes, you’ve been good – but you could improve.

    As canines taking care of these good people, you must remember your manners. All that running and barking is so undignified! A gentle nudge in the morning is all it takes to get Sue to take you outside. There’s no need for excessive scratching at the door. And once you’re outside, why bark at nothing under the lawn mower? Imagine what the neighbors must think!

    Bentley, I understand you ran to the neighbor’s yard and hid from Sue. A good game of hide and seek is a lot of fun. But you must let the Family know first that’s what you want to do so it’s fun for them as well.

    I’m sure you both will remember that Canine manners are very important and your manners reflect on the entire Canine Family. So the next time I talk with the Canfield Family, I hope to hear your manners are improved. I’d be happy to discuss proper decorum at any time.

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