House Sitting in Roseville with Fiona Bunch

We are currently house sitting for friends in Roseville California while they are backpacking in Italy. We’re one week in to our two-week house sitting job here and loving it.

The home owners gave us permission to take some photos and post them here. As all of you who were worried about Fiona having a bed and room of her own to sleep in, she does have a bed and room of her own – much nicer than she had previously. She certainly didn’t have a walk-in closet before!

Besides the fresh roses in the guest bedroom, there was a vase of fresh roses in the kitchen awaiting us when we arrived. Along with a note that said, “Eat what you want; use what you want.” Fiona was given a gift by Bob and Bentley – the mini dachshunds we are dog sitting.

One morning we were eating breakfast at the dining room table and I looked out the window to see a beautiful rainbow. I quickly took pictures and then watched as it disappeared.

When my friend from Grass Valley asked how it felt to be ‘homeless’ I looked around and said, “I feel like I’m living in luxury at the moment.”


  1. Gosh! I better renovate and have you guys come back. Soon, you’ll be choosing your nomadic homes based on beds, rainbows, and roses … oh, and cute dogs. At least I have that one going on. (And walk-in closets, and condiments, and the colour of the drapes.) I don’t think anyone is feeling worried about your lodgings! You deserve it all and more.

  2. I’m just loony enough to believe that before long we’ll be accepting applications, and weighing the merits of each based on location, pantry, pets, sunset views; all the important stuff, y’know.

  3. I have an idea for you guys. I think there should be a comments page. Or a “talk amongst yourselves” page.

    Sometimes, when I come here and you haven’t posted I might be wondering things. Not the private things like where did you put my favourite bathtub sharks, but stuff others might wonder.

    Or maybe Bentley (not the dog, Mr. Bentley, the human) and I might need to discuss you publicly. Or the supposed son of Sue might wish to shed some light on a particular issue.

    Just a thought but it has returned a couple of times which might suggest it has merit tucked in there somewhere.

  4. The thing about encampment , for us softies, is that when the weather changes state bad, or the collapsible shelter or ground cloth wettings , or the landowner wants the terra firma back, we can always pack upward and go home. And look forward to the day when we can afford a holiday that doesn’t involve mucky masochism.

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