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Thank You Terry and Virgie

Posted by on 2 October 2010

Thank you Terry and Virgie for making us feel so welcome in your home. We are looking forward to coming back in January/February and spending more time with you both. Joel will enjoy helping Terry work on his next book as well.

Fiona will enjoy the cookies on the road today!

3 Responses to Thank You Terry and Virgie

  1. Joel D Canfield

    I’m already realising that even two nights is nowhere near enough time. We probably could have planned a 3-month trip, staying with all the wonderful folks who’ll be showing us hospitality.

    Terry, I’ll be back for some music. Your book is going to be super!

    Virgie, the quickest way to our hearts is to be kind and considerate to Fiona. You get an A+ in that department :)

  2. T3RRY

    I can’t wait for you next visit. Next time we will have some time to jam! Happy travels.

  3. Virgie

    My dearest friends ~ what an enjoyable time we had – granted it was way to short of a visit but we have established that already. Fiona is easy to fall in love with, she is so sweet, funny & imaginative what’s more she loves our Heavenly Father and that is a precious thing. Swimming was a blast, I had fun talking with Fiona about interesting Aquatic creatures to imagine. I’ll have to sketch some for next time.
    I am so happy she was willing to help with with those chocolate chip cookies. Yum yum. I’m glad she can enjoy the sweets on the road. Safe travels
    all our love
    The Wilson’s

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