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Very Quick Update

Posted by on 7 October 2010

Lots of driving and limited internet access means we haven't posted much in the last couple of days. We'll change that today I'm sure. This is just a very quick update.

We are now at Joel's mom's in Rice Lake Wisconsin. We had a great visit with Joel's Uncle Denver and Aunt Diane in South Dakota and spent one night with Mimi Klosterman and her family in Arlington South Dakota.

We look forward to two complete days without having to drive anywhere and catching up on some rest and work.

Watch for more to come shortly!

3 Responses to Very Quick Update

  1. Joel D Canfield

    I've back-dated all my catching-up posts, so scroll backwards to read each leg of the trip so far.

    Tomorrow we leave for a long day's drive to Michigan, through Chicago.

  2. caitlyn

    I think you promised some of your fine writing on the subject of the emotional nature of this nomadic existence. Perhaps, especially one that currently includes family and past and home? Quite curious about the emotional landscape of nomads who have been rooted.

    Travelling - for a few weeks or a month or so - always brings a certain reflective mood to my thoughts. I'm not sure I could sustain that if I were working and parenting. I'm not sure I would want to preserve it if travelling were my norm. My thoughts. Most curious about yours.

  3. Joel D Canfield

    Much of it was included in the Black Hills post, but I'll be writing more on the hackneyed plot line wherein our hero takes to the road to find himself, and why it's a fundamental human truth; somehow, travel reveals us to ourselves, if we've got our eyes open.

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