Internet Access on the Road

Internet access while traveling has been limited. However, all client work is being done in a timely manner. It’s been interesting the various places we’ve been able to access the internet. Such as right this minute I’m sitting in the living room of Joel’s mom’s apartment. She doesn’t have a computer let alone internet access. Yet a connection is available and I’m able to use it.

Earlier this week I had client work that needed to be done while traveling through Wyoming and South Dakota. In Wyoming we stopped at Northern Exposure Computer Center in Torrington where they have free internet access. Here we were in a tiny town, no Starbucks, and still able to access the internet and continue client work.

Later in South Dakota we pulled into the parking lot in a small town sitting outside of Pioneer Auto and found we were able to connect to the internet and again did some client work. At a gas station later as Joel filled up I asked about internet access. They said we could come on in and use it for free. However, I was able to connect from my car and finished up a job in minutes.

So yes, we have been able to continue client work while traveling on the road. Yes, it is more challenging – but not impossible.


  1. If you ever get tired of the fun of searching out free wifi, you can always buy a gizmo and a package that will give you internet access pretty much wherever you go. It works like a cellphone instead of internet.

    Sometimes, it’s more fun doing stuff the “hard way”, gives us that rush of resourcefulness, like camping instead of staying in a resort. Just that, some days, camping seems like a lot of damp, chilly work and I’d be pretty happy with fresh towels and a swimming pool.

  2. Super link, James! We’ll be checking that out!

    Caitlyn, I come from a long line of men who did things the hard way just because it built character, not even because they enjoyed it. My dad bought an ice cream maker you crank by hand. When we were enjoying our homemade peach ice cream after an hour of cranking, he said “I prefer store bought, but hard work is good for you.”

    I don’t like doing anything the hard way unless it’s the best way, or the fun way, or something else, anything else but just hard.

    We’ll be getting a MiFi from either Verizon or Virgin when we’re ready. That way Sue can work on the road instead of depending on James’ cool link.

    I love fresh towels and a swimming pool. I mean, I like camping when it’s on purpose, but not if it’s hot, or wet, or dusty, or doesn’t include ice cream, or there’s someone nearby watching TV or smoking, or a myriad other things.

    I’m pretty fussy.

  3. LOL. So much to this movie of your life, Joel! And, I hear ya on the camping. I had almost given up wilderness backpacking because I was tired of sleeping in puddles and trying to figure out how to deal with the saturated everything at dawn. Then, I moved to Canada’s only desert (and its environs) and fell in love with the “sport” all over again. But, now. It seems like a lot of work to go get bitten by small things, sleep badly, and ache all over.

    Fussy? Maybe. But we could call ourselves “discerning”.

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