Sunday in Michigan: The Playground and Garden

Today we had a day off from driving. We were kindly hosted by Charlie Cheney and his family in Fremont. Charlie is the creator of Indie Band Manager.

First thing we did this Sunday morning was attend the local meeting at the Kingdom Hall. We met a lot of very friendly people who wondered if we were just visiting or moving in. Fiona made friends with some little girls about her age.

I then took Fiona to the playground at the local elementary school. She was able to play with other little kids and we had a lot of fun. She did say the maze was too easy. Later Charlie took us to where he grew his garden this year and also we drove up to Echo Camp.

Enjoy our pictures!


  1. Looks like you guys had a ball at the park. I sure needed that nap, but I’m sorry I couldn’t go this time.

    Charlie and his family made us feel welcome. It was almost like they were happy to have company ;)

  2. Looks gorgeous! Such a perfect traditional barn. You continue to be so blessed in your travels.

    And, Kingdom Hall, yes, I caught that. You guys are so stealth – I mean that in a good way. Witnesses without aggravation. Get us loving you and then slide in a “Kingdom Hall”. I have had a shunned escapee friend for years, and a committed to the faith and the Truth friend for years. Guess, I got some more. This does make me realize that in my blog post about body, mind, spirit disconnection I proclaimed something about Christianity having a 3-headed God (okay, I wasn’t feeling as heathen and was more polite about it) – but, I think, in the faith of the Jehovah’s Witnesses God is not triune. Is that true? (P.S. for those who are captivated by the mystery of the Trinity – I like mysteries and am captivated. But I’m also sassy and pretty sure I’m going to hell. So, in the words of Martin Luther (the German religious reformer who started Lutheranism), “Sin and sin boldly.”)

  3. Ah, Caitlyn, you caught us. Yes, I never want to push anything but I also want people to know my values. It’s a very important part of our lives and bringing up of Fiona.

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