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Fiona is Enjoying the Rain

Posted by on 15 October 2010

Yesterday it was a beautiful sunny day. Fiona and her new friends played outside quite a bit. When we lived in California Fiona didn’t play outside much. We didn’t have much of a yard and it wasn’t safe to let her play in the unfenced area in the front. So she’s been more of an inside girl. So this playing outside everyday that the weather is nice is very different for her.

Yesterday she found out it might rain today. She was very excited about that! Why? Because then she wouldn’t have to play outside; she could play inside. So today it’s raining and she’s loving it. She and the girls are playing right now at the kitchen table with Play-Dough.

She’s enjoying the rain but I’m sure she’ll enjoy playing outside again as well when the weather is sunny again.

3 Responses to Fiona is Enjoying the Rain

  1. caitlyn


    What has happened to your beautiful daughter? Rain is the BEST, absolute BEST, part of playing outside. She’ll need cute rubber boots, of course, and Walmart, et al, will supply those at reasonable cost.

    Depending on the type of outside girl she would like to be, she will either need a Christopher Robin type get up with waterproof jacket and hood or hat. But she may be an umbrella girl. There is NOTHING like jumping in a puddle while twirling your umbrella and singing. Finding out how to get your boot unstuck from a particularly muddy puddle is an essential life lesson and realizing that you can actually get mud and water on the underside of your umbrella through any number of rain activities that you may choose never to repeat. But they were fun while they lasted.

    Although, the advent of the “hot house child” (driven everywhere – only plays outside if it’s sports) has changed childhood for some Canadian kids the majority are still “forced” to play outside EVERY DAY. Appropriate clothing is essential and there are cabin-fever areas where the minus 34 degrees prevents outside play for days, and sometimes weeks, but my 9-yr-old niece wouldn’t miss her outdoor time for a mere minus 20 degrees (of course from the time she was 3 months old, she’s been wrapped in a carrier and walked the dog in all weather, been pulled along on skates, skis, and sleds as appropriate.) In her opinion minus 20 is a great time for sledding and outdoor skating and building full-size igloos if there is snow available. Even running around snapping icicles off things and seeing which slick patches can be pressed into some creative, or diabolical, use.

    And, play dough is definitely another of the great joys of childhood!

    Excellent to hear she has some more new friends!

  2. Sue L Canfield

    She does love to splash in puddles. Does that count?

  3. Joel D Canfield

    Well, yesterday she’d have had to carry a bowling ball to avoid being blown away :)

    She’s gonna see a whole lot more weather as time goes by, and this month in Quebec will be as educational as her time in Vancouver, just in different ways.

    Sue’s gonna have Fiona read your comment so she knows she has official permission to play in the rain. I think playing in the rain, getting muddy, generally acting like a kid is important stuff.

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