What About Socialization?

Not only are we homeschooling Fiona, we’re traveling while doing so. The question of socialization comes up again and again. Who will she play with? How will she learn social skills?

Hopefully by the time a child is ready to start school parents have already taught them social skills. Fiona was taught to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ at two. She had plenty of opportunity before starting school to learn how to behave around other people, younger and older, and to be polite.

As far as playmates, I think she’s probably played more with children since we started traveling than when we were ‘home’ in Roseville. Everywhere we go she meets new friends and hates to leave when it’s time to go. Now that we’re settled here in Quebec for a few weeks with Cristina and family, she has three little kids to play with every day. She’s getting outside more since there’s a nice large, safe yard for her to play in.

So for any of you that were worried about her socialization, don’t worry. She’s fine. And if you’d like to read more about homeschooled children and socialization, check out this article.

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