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I Want to Live at the Edge of a Lake

Posted by on 10 November 2010

After an event we drove around Lac Davignon. The causeway across the lake, the trees along the shore, the houses reflecting in the rippled surface . . . it’s a memory I wanted to keep.

We weren’t talking about anything of consequence so I dropped in three of my songs which almost fit within the 10 minutes of the video. Since I didn’t bother listing them in the video . . .

  1. You In My Arms
  2. Pax Aurora
  3. In a Midnight Sky

6 Responses to I Want to Live at the Edge of a Lake

  1. caitlyn


    1) At first I thought, “Looks like BC.” Then, I thought, “Looks like Canada.” Soon I realized, “Looks like Quebec.”

    2) You arreted at a lot of arrete signs.

    3) The snow in a previous video seems to have vanished.

  2. Joel D Canfield

    1. Distinctive look and feel to this place, that’s for sure.

    2. I arret at all arret signs. Always. I realise it’s not the custom here is to read ‘lentement’ for ‘arret’ but, who knows? This ‘coming to a full stop’ thing might catch on.

    3. It had vanished by 2 that afternoon. Perfect snow; stayed just long enough to play with, but not long enough to mess with the streets.

  3. Tom Bentley

    I’ve actually been arrested at a stop sign before, but not for not arreting. Long story.

    J, I do love the dreamy feel of “You in My Arms.”

    Have owatta fun in Ottowa.

  4. Joel D Canfield

    That was the first guitar instrumental I ever recorded; thank you!

    Although you lose 2 points for the ghastly pun.

  5. caitlyn

    2 points might be a little harsh, Joel. I have never thought of that pun and I’ve been thinking about Ottawa since grade 3 (capitals of the provinces, territories & country unit.) That suggests at least ‘plus one’ for trying and maybe ‘minus one’ for awful. I mean, it is a pun with its heart in the right place.

  6. Joel D Canfield

    I stand corrected; I did indeed fail to take into account the novelty of the gag, but then, Tom is novel. A novel. He’s writing a novel. Or, supposed to be.

    So, at this point, he’s dead even.

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