I Want to Live at the Edge of a Lake

After an event we drove around Lac Davignon. The causeway across the lake, the trees along the shore, the houses reflecting in the rippled surface . . . it’s a memory I wanted to keep.

We weren’t talking about anything of consequence so I dropped in three of my songs which almost fit within the 10 minutes of the video. Since I didn’t bother listing them in the video . . .

  1. You In My Arms
  2. Pax Aurora
  3. In a Midnight Sky


  1. Noticings:

    1) At first I thought, “Looks like BC.” Then, I thought, “Looks like Canada.” Soon I realized, “Looks like Quebec.”

    2) You arreted at a lot of arrete signs.

    3) The snow in a previous video seems to have vanished.

  2. 1. Distinctive look and feel to this place, that’s for sure.

    2. I arret at all arret signs. Always. I realise it’s not the custom here is to read ‘lentement’ for ‘arret’ but, who knows? This ‘coming to a full stop’ thing might catch on.

    3. It had vanished by 2 that afternoon. Perfect snow; stayed just long enough to play with, but not long enough to mess with the streets.

  3. I’ve actually been arrested at a stop sign before, but not for not arreting. Long story.

    J, I do love the dreamy feel of “You in My Arms.”

    Have owatta fun in Ottowa.

  4. 2 points might be a little harsh, Joel. I have never thought of that pun and I’ve been thinking about Ottawa since grade 3 (capitals of the provinces, territories & country unit.) That suggests at least ‘plus one’ for trying and maybe ‘minus one’ for awful. I mean, it is a pun with its heart in the right place.

  5. I stand corrected; I did indeed fail to take into account the novelty of the gag, but then, Tom is novel. A novel. He’s writing a novel. Or, supposed to be.

    So, at this point, he’s dead even.

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