San Diego: Family and Friends

We made it to my mom’s in San Diego (La Mesa) at 3 am this morning. We’ll actually be staying with a friend of hers and sleeping there. During the day we’ll be at my mom’s to use the Internet access provided by my sister Linda.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at 4 am to take mom to the hospital for her knee surgery. I’ll wait around until she’s out of recovery and I know all is well.
We have lots of family and friends in the San Diego area. We hope to visit, even briefly, with Joel’s sister and brother while we’re here for 10 days. There are other business associates as well we need to connect with.

If there are any virtual assistants in the San Diego area that would like to meet ‘Chief Virtual Officer’, we’d love to connect. DM Sue at her Twitter account.


  1. I’ve been getting regular phone updates from Sue. Her mom’s surgery went well and the doctor says she’ll probably go home Friday. She’s in recovery, waiting for a room to be available.

    Sue very wisely decided to hand off her one time-sensitive task that was due today. She’d thought she’d make time to do it, but has realised this morning that just being there for her mom, even if her mom doesn’t realise it, is far more important.

    Being a finance-worrier, this is a big deal for her, and I’m proud of her for making a choice that she’ll be happy about later. Often in life there’s no black & white right or wrong, but choosing ‘support my family’ over ‘get the job done’ is rarely going to result in regret.

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