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Family and Friends in San Diego Update

Posted by on 15 December 2010

Mom’s knee surgery yesterday went very well. It was a long day. After waking up at 4 am to make sure she got to the hospital at 5 am for a 7:30 am surgery, it was 3 pm before she finally got to a room. The doctor says she should be able to come home Friday. I did get to visit for a few hours at the hospital with my youngest sister who I haven’t seen in years.

Today after stopping in to check on mom at the hospital, we’ll head down to visit with Joel’s sister and older brother. Fiona hasn’t seen her Aunt in years and I’m not sure she’s ever met her Uncle. There may be cousins too! She has had fun the last two days visiting with her cousin Daniel.

Thankfully we’ve been inside a Starbuck’s today to catch up with Internet access. We started outside another Starbuck’s – until it started raining!

6 Responses to Family and Friends in San Diego Update

  1. caitlyn

    I am laughing at myself. I COULD NOT understand what you were saying about starting outside a Starbuck’s until it started raining. Could not get it. Did not have a picture. It took several long seconds to realize that my pictures were grey Vancouver December days not San Diego!

    With her early travelling experience (and I’m not talking about the brutality of 4:00 a.m.), Fiona is likely to be spared ever having such a geographic brain fart ever.

  2. Joel D Canfield

    I wrote a piece yesterday which will be published at about the ‘beautiful San Diego weather’ . . .

    Monday: 87
    Tuesday: 73
    Wednesday: 62 and cloudy
    Thursday: 62 and raining
    and then, who knows?

  3. caitlyn

    We reached 44 degrees today! But we also reached snowing. Not seeing any 87 in my near future … age or temperature-wise. Or I.Q. or waist size or shoe size or number of miles run but close to number of gallons of ice cream consumed.

  4. Joel D Canfield

    Snow? Must have been lower than 44, right?

    I’m going to be 87 in about 36 years.

    I’ll bet I could eat 87 M&Ms pretty easily.

  5. caitlyn

    Good point on the M&M’s. Yes it was lower than 44 degrees for snow – but only for a while.

    Too bad you guys aren’t house-sitting around the corner. We had a winter solstice potluck tonight, including a big sun cake. Not only would you have brought amazing food but I bet one of the rooms of the house would have had live music!

  6. Joel D Canfield

    Perhaps you could sort out some house sitting for us, and then we could throw a No Reason At All party, with food and music, and, um, food. And music.

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