Settling in and Starting Over

We’ve been in Mesa, Arizona with our friends Terry and Virgie for 4 days and it’s beginning to feel like we’re settling in. It’s always a little challenge, getting meals sorted, finding everyone’s favorite place on the couch for movies, where laptops go for work and play, bedtime routine for the Little One.

Though we don’t have much truck with New Year’s resolutions, it’s only natural to think about direction and beginnings this time of year. Here’s a comment I made over at Caitlyn’s blog about where I was mentally around year’s end:

The night of December 29th I spent sitting on the couch, staring into the dark, wondering what on earth I thought I was doing. Who am I to eschew the job/credit/school/commute/sitcom disreality everyone else seems to embrace?

Longest darkest night since that night 9 years ago when I decided to end my life—and start a new one.

Somewhere around January 3rd I realised that the gut-wrenching disorienting spinwobble that slapped me insensate was a corner being turned.

I’m a magician; watch me turn a corner into a new life.

Okay, it’s just business changes, but it’s been a bit like having a new foundation inserted under the house.

We’ve spent the past year focused on our virtual assistant coaching over at Chief Virtual Officer, the past six focused on the CVO Source, our business-training resource for VAs. While things there still need attention, I realised that the plates are spinning, and what we need most there is to keep ’em spinning; we don’t have to stand there and watch.

Some years ago we noticed that our web business, Spinhead, does approximately the same amount of work regardless of our marketing. It’s on autopilot; we just give it a nudge now and then, but mostly, it just happens. Those plates have been spinning nicely for five or six years.

We love The Source and the opportunity it gives us to create content: video, audio, written, interactive. It will also be a source of passive income, since it’s subscription-based. We even ask members to post questions for us to answer, so we’ll always be challenged to provide new content.

But it’s time for me to focus on a pie I started baking January of last year, my book coaching.

If you or anyone you know wants to write a book, or is writing a book, or should be writing a book, let me help you get it out of the Someday Box.


  1. Hi, Joel!

    I just luv sychronicity, don’t you?

    Yes, as a matter-of-fact, I do know a couple of people who’ve already said ‘out loud’ that they’re thinking about-working on-gonna/gotta write a book about *this*!
    Linking you out to them IS on my “gotta remember to do this” list – but simply must come after “Shower, Pack, Get out the house and to the event, dammit!”
    (“Look a chicken!”)
    Please noodge me later, eh?


    Happy Saturday!, and there’s some more of me coming out (in the comments), over at Caitlyn’s now – don’t know if you get updates on replies to comments, or not. :)

  2. Great album; love The Police.

    Oh; not that synchronicity? Okay ;)

    Yes indeedy, Karen, I’ll have my people get in touch with your people and we’ll take a meeting or do lunch or whatever.


    I don’t get updates to Caitlyn’s comments no matter how many times I subscribe (at least I think I do) but I pop in real reg’lar like, so I’ll see you there. Or here. Or around.

  3. Yeah. No. Jung’s ‘synchronicity’, I think – but isn’t that sorta what the were talking about, or at least refencing, too?

    I’m turning off the computer now.
    I’m turning off the computer now.
    I’m turning off the computer now.

    I’m jealous of you in Phoenix in the sun and the sand – I’m in Chicago in the gray and the snow!


  4. Re-fencing. I think there’s an idea in there somewhere Karen … but I’m turning off the computer now I’m turningoffthe computer now I’mturningoffthecomputerNOW.

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