Change of Plans When Road Closes

We left Sunday afternoon to get a ‘head-start’. It’s great that we didn’t have a need to hurry or be in a particular place at a specific time. Because instead of making it to Phoenix by early Monday morning, we’re still in Bakersfield Monday morning. The Grapevine and other alternate route closed last night due to snow!

Walmart RV parking
RVs parking at Walmart

No problem! Not being in a hurry and not having other obligations, we just found the Walmart and parked nearby other families in their RVs. We actually got a decent night’s sleep. I didn’t find it much worse than sleeping in the second story apartment of our friend in Toronto. At her apartment we had to deal with traffic noise from the street and light from nearby buildings. At Walmart there wasn’t much traffic and the lights just made me feel safe.

This was the first time since we started traveling about six months ago that we’ve had to sleep in the van. We certainly don’t plan too make it a habit. But overall it just wasn’t bad at all. We got to wake up to a beautiful full moon.full moon

This morning we’ve learned the alternate route is clear. So we’re gonna try it. We’ll let you know how it works out.

BakersfieldSo we enjoyed our ‘stay’ in Bakersfield and getting to ‘see’ Buck Owens Crystal Palace.

Buck Owens Crystal Palace
Buck Owens Crystal Palace


  1. It took me a while to get used to the lights and traffic when I first moved in. I had this strange feeling that I was sleeping in an open place because things weren’t as quiet as they should have been. I hope it wasn’t so bad here :)

  2. No Debs. It wasn’t bad at all. That’s my point really. That it was no worse than when we stayed there – which was very pleasant. I think people get too worked up about a little noise and light, you know?

  3. When I sleep, I’m often unconscious, so lights and noise don’t bother me. Most people never really go deeply asleep and that’s why they stumble zombied through life.

    I, on the other hand . . .

  4. Hey – safe journey. Can you send some of that snow over to Europe if it’s getting in your way. There’s none hitting the Alps this year! P

  5. Phil, I’m not sure we can ship it cheap enough, but if you’d like to make your own I know the recipe.

    Is it true that Sir Richard Branson has a company called Virgin Snow?

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