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Our Daughter’s Wedding Day and the Music CD

Posted by on 21 March 2011

The gorgeous bride!

The gorgeous bride!

It’s over. It’s a relief that all went well. It was a very beautiful and simple wedding. The reception afterwards was very nice as well. I even managed not to cry too much.

There were two times when my daughter Rachelle and I shed a few tears together yesterday. Once was just before the ceremony. I was telling Rachelle that I wanted to make sure she said goodbye before she left the reception because this was the last time I was going to see her for a while. We both got choked up and started to cry. We looked at the matron-of-honor and said, ‘Quick. Tell us something funny so we can laugh instead.’ Which she did and we were able to carry on. :)

The second time was as we were getting ready to leave the reception. Fiona was saying goodbye to her big sister and crying about how much she’d miss her. Of course I started to cry. We all survived though.

Rachelle was a gorgeous bride. Ryan hugged me after walking me down the aisle. And at the reception he promised to take good care of my daughter. Ryan was quite a busy man at the wedding. He had five of us to walk down the aisle, one at a time: two of his grandmas, Rachelle’s one living grandma, and both his mom and then me.

Fiona had such fun as the flower girl. She and one of Ryan’s young cousins walked together down the aisle.

Our son James and Ryan’s sister Kelsey were also in the wedding party. There was live music both at the wedding and reception.

Ryan surprised the family with a gift of a music CD. He compiled some of his favorite songs – including three Rachelle wrote and recorded just for him. She has a great voice!

3 Responses to Our Daughter’s Wedding Day and the Music CD

  1. Joel D Canfield

    Wow; we might have to hand select thumbnails for this post. Far too many chopped-off heads :)

    I so love that photo of Fiona twirling. I had no idea it would even turn out.

  2. caitlyn

    Awww! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

    Fiona’s dress is perfect! And Rachelle – wow, absolutely glowing. Everyone looks spectacular.

    I think it is an interesting Canfield et al artifact that out of 13 different photos 3 of them are about the music. P.S. As soon as you have live music and a photographer it is no longer a simple, little wedding!

    In which vein, Sue you are still “crying”. You rarely write with as much restraint as you show here. Not that you are as gushy as I might get but your emotion is obviously in check here and speaks volumes to those of us paying attention. This was a big deal for the mother-of-the-bride. Congratulations on a job well done.

  3. Sue L Canfield

    Thanks Caitlyn. I’m sure when I have more time and it’s all hit more, my emotions may show more. On the other hand, maybe not. I think I feel happy!

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