Things to Do in Boulder and Longmont Colorado

We’ll be house sitting for a couple in Longmont Colorado the week of April 5-12 2011. Our host sent us this list of things to do in the area. The items with an asterisk in front are things we definitely hope to do.

We’ll be going into Denver April 6 to visit Mrs. Parker’s Kindergarten class again. We may be meeting another traveling duo as well.


*National Center for Atmospheric Research – free – 1850 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder. Free exhibits and tours; kids love it too.

Boulder Falls – closed until May 1st but you can see it from a parking area 11 miles west of Boulder on Canyon Blvd.

Nederland– quaint little mountain town 16 miles west of Boulder on Canyon Blvd (119)

Dushanbe Teahouse – Rita says, “I’ve heard wonderful things about this place and can’t believe I haven’t been there yet!”

*Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art – free – 6055 Longbow Drive, Boulder

*Celestial Seasonings – free tea tour. 4600 Sleepytime Dr, Boulder

Pearl Street Pedestrian (only) mall – between 11th and 15th streets. Street performers, musicians, shops, art galleries, restaurants. The best (free) place to park is north of the mall on Pine St or a side street near Pine; 14th, 15th, 16th, etc.

Falafel King – our favorite place to eat on the mall. excellent gyros and falafel plates. be sure to get the hummus and baba ganoush. between 13th and 14th streets.

Boulder Creek Path – 7 mile concrete path that parellels Boulder Creek. Best place to park is on Arapahoe Ave south of Eben G Fine Park. Be sure to always walk on the right; bicyclists use this path also and some a bit too fast. Walking west will go along Canyon Blvd, under Canyon Blvd then along Boulder Creek. Walking east will take you to the library (nice exhibits) and beyond.

Flagstaff Mountain – views as far as you can see from 6850 feet. Best pullouts: Panorama Point and Realization Point. Take Baseline Rd west.

Boulder College of Call in advance for an appointment with a almost graduate student or a pro.

Boulder’s rag with listings of events, news, and Best of Boulder –


Hoverhome Tour

*Longmont Museum & Cultural Center – free – always have interesting exhibits, and on the top floor they have stuff for kids and great views.

*Art in Public Places – the Listening Stones in Rogers Park are really cool! Also “Gather Enough People Here” at Izaak Walton Park.

*Parks in Longmont: Golden Ponds, Izaak Walton Park,Roosevelt Park, McIntosh Lake/Dawson Park

We’d love to hear any suggestions and ideas you have for us as well.


  1. Looks yummy. I would definitely asterisk the Pearl Pedestrian mall – those are the kinds of cultural things that so often show a town at its best. Also, the 7 miles of walking, with a library included. You work-at-homers can get free fitness with a view! Of course, I’m all about the walking.

    When Adam was Fiona’s age we were wilderness hikers. When I look back at photos of him with a loaded adult daypack on his back (we said he needed to carry his clothing and some of the food), missing teeth in his enthusiastic six-year-old grin and realize it was taken after three hours of rough terrain hiking I can barely believe it (for me never mind him!) Nowadays, a concrete path and a pair of runners sounds more my speed. ;-)

  2. Thanks Caitlyn. We had another friend who said we also had to asterisk the Pearl Pedestrian mall. I’m sure we’ll walk that. It’s shaping up to be a great week in Colorado!

  3. Pearl Street Mall is a must! You briefly saw Denver’s imitation pedestrian mall – Pearl Street is the original and much more established (as are the buskers)
    The Longmont Museum and Cultural Center is a good bet too. RhythmVision did a Latin Rhythms program there once -they have great interactive exhibits from time to time.
    I’m going to advocate again for Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison – right across the road from Red Rocks Amphitheater which is also very worth the visit!
    And, perhaps, an open mic night in Denver?

  4. Okay, okay, I get it! Pearl Street Mall is going on the list! :) Longmont Museum and Cultural Center is on the list and I’m planning Dinosaur Ridge as well.

    Open mic for Joel in Denver is on – where and when Dorothy?! :)

  5. Dorothy, if you’ll help me choose just the right place, I’d love an open mic in Denver. Have to be kid friendly, of course, and early is better than late, what with the drive back to Longmont and Sue needing her rest. But I’d love it!

  6. Howdy, Karen! Looks like I’ll be overcoming my irrational fears, killing the lizard, and busking on Pearl Street when we’re there.

    I like “Curves and Angles.” Where in the world are you?

  7. Rita and Carl took us to Falafel King on Pearl Street last night for dinner. There’s 2 off the list. Okay, we should go back to Pearl Street this weekend, I know! We’ve also walked over to McIntosh Lake and played at Pratt Park.

  8. If you are looking for great entertainment in Longmont, come check out Jesters Dinner Theatre at 224 Main St. We have shows all weekend, including children;s theatre! Right now we are performing Elton John’s Aida on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons. Check out our website for more info.

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