Six Months Ago Today We Left Home

It was six months ago today, September 30, 2010, that we left ‘home’. We drove away from Roseville California to start living a nomadic lifestyle. What’s it been like? Are we ready to settle down? How’s Fiona doing?

It’s been good. Sure there have been some long days when we’ve been in the van all day and Fiona wants to be in a house with a bed. There have also been other times when she’s said she’s tired of being in a house and wants to get in the van and drive somewhere. Every morning she still gets up and when we ask her how she is, she says “happy”.

We’ve enjoyed meeting new people and meeting in person many that we had only known virtually. Our address book continues to grow with contact information of new acquaintances and business associates.

Are we ready to settle down? No!

I don’t know how long we’ll do this. Right now we’re enjoying life, meeting new people, seeing new places. It’s only been six months. We haven’t experienced this nomadic lifestyle enough to know how long it will last. I have realized though that if and when we do settle it will not be in a big city. I want small town life, a slower pace, no crowded malls.

I never want to be stuck inside four walls all day. I want to feel the sunshine, the wind, smell fresh air, see nature. I want Fiona to know there’s more to this planet than one city, one state, one country. She will learn that the possibilities are endless.


  1. I don’t know you have an iPhone, but I think there is a Starbucks locator App – very handy, indeed! Happy 6 months! I loved the song Joel – thank you for linking it for me!!!

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