Quiet on the Homefront in Wisconsin

You’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to since we haven’t posted in several days. We spent last Wednesday and Thursday all day each day on the road. Wednesday was driving from Colorado through Nebraska. I’ve always wanted to go to Nebraska since my maternal grandma grew up there. I don’t know where though. We stayed the night with a wonderful family we met through Couchsurfing.org. I only wish we’d had more time to get to know them better.

Thursday we spent all day on the road to get here to Rice Lake and stay with Joel’s mom for a bit. We’re settling in a bit. The internet access we had when we were here before is no longer available. So we had to go out and find some. And we did. We just walk across the parking lot and over to the local public library. It’s great! Not only do we have internet access, Fiona has access to a wonderful children’s section with lots of activities to do and books to read. Of course it’s not quite the same has having 24/7 internet access in our lodgings.

Since we can only stay with Joel’s mom up to 2 weeks, we’re looking for other lodgings for the remainder of our stay through the end of May. We’ve got some calls to follow up on that may get us some temporary and affordable housing.

So what’s everyone else been up to? :)

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