Jamming with New Friends

Our time in Rice Lake Wisconsin is coming to an end for now. Joel’s mom can’t wait for us to return this September. Fiona’s new homeschool program through the local school district starts and we’ll be back to pick up her curriculum and spend a few weeks here. We’ve made some great new friends here and are looking forward to coming back and spending more time with all of them.

We were able to extend our stay for an additional five days thanks to new friends, Cliff and Karen. They have two extra bedrooms that aren’t being used and insisted we come stay with them. Fiona has her own room and loves playing with their little dog.

Joel’s found a fellow musician and our two families quickly became good friends. Fiona has had a blast playing with their three children. She’s been able to spend lots of time outside. They live way out of town in a very wooded area. It reminds Joel of when he grew up in the woods of Wisconsin about 35 miles from here.

It’s been great for Joel to have someone to play music with. Tim and his family had us over Friday afternoon and evening, then again Sunday afternoon and evening to play music and visit. Tim asked us back again Monday. There’s talk of a concert when we return in September.

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