Non-Resident Library Cards

Yesterday we took Fiona to the local library in Albuquerque. They kindly let us sign up for non-resident library cards. We had to show our driver’s license and fill out a short application. The two limitations are:

1. There is a limit of 10 items that can be checked out at a time.

2. The card is only good for 3 months.

No problem!

Ten items isn’t very many for our family of readers. However Joel and I each got a card so that was 20 items total. Since the library is only a few minutes away, we can go often. And we’ll only be here for two months so that’s not an issue either. In fact we were told to hang on to the card and when we come back we can ‘renew’ the card for another three months.

So if you’re a traveling family hoping to check out some items at a local library when you’re staying in a place for a while, ask if the library can provide you with a non-resident card.


  1. Or get the homeowners to leave their library card(s). For sure they won’t be using it … and the Canfields are good for any overdue fines! ;-)

  2. Caitlyn, we have had that experience as well. In fact the homeowner here did leave her library card. But she hadn’t used it in a while and they wanted to update it with current information which required their driver’s license. They hadn’t left that behind! Anyhow it just was best to get our own card here.

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