Shedding Hair

Yes, the cats do shed hair. And today after I gave Joel his haircut, I wasn’t sure if that was cat hair on the floor or his. His hair appears to be the same color as one of the cats we’re taking care of right now.

I started giving Joel his haircuts nearly eight years ago. It saves on money and his hair is fairly easy to cut. I was terrified at first. But the cost of $20 or so to buy a set of hair clippers was well worth it. After I was ill in 2006, Joel started cutting his own hair. The clippers came in handy for our son James who also started cutting his own hair.

Then a year or two ago a friend who is a hair dresser offered to cut their hair. So up until we left nearly a year ago our friend Denise would come over and do that and even give Fiona and I trims once in a while.

When we became nomads I didn’t really think much about how Joel’s hair would get cut. Since we didn’t want to take much with us, we let our son James keep the hair clippers. We’ve been back to California a couple of times and Denise has been able to cut our hair when we’re visiting.

However it became obvious recently that Joel needed a trip and we’re nowhere near Denise. I did what I could with a pair of scissors. But we realized the need to buy another pair of hair clippers to take with us. We found a nice set at Walmart on sale for only $17. It comes in a nice little carrying case with all the accessories. And it’s a cordless rechargeable! The whole case will fit nicely in one of the bathroom bags we carry with us. So it doesn’t take up any additional room and we can continue saving on the cost of haircuts.


  1. Hey Alex, That would be my fault – Sue here. Hair is important. But yes, books even more so. And Joel has 3 more proof copies of new books shipping today, making a total of 5 done and 2 more at least in the works. I see you have a couple more yourself coming now. Congrats!

  2. Yes that is true. But I suppose HAIR is also an important topic. We take it for granted when we can go to the same old place to get our hair done. But when traveling…well that was a good point! I am very picky with my hair as to who I allow to cut it. Thank God I still have hair at 52!

  3. It’ll be on Kindle in a week or so, then I’ll be going back and releasing all my books on Kindle, two or three a month ’til they’re done.

  4. Although Amazon won’t publish how many Kindles they have sold, somebody in the industry estimated the number to be at about 5.5 million! Wow, that means that 5 mil people are looking to consume more e-books! And who knows how many more Kindles will be sold in 2011. (this number does not account for other e-readers) I signed a contract with an e-publisher for my book. They in turn will be promoting and advertising the book in the e-world. And for your readers and followers, they must know that both of you had a hand in my book!! For those who desire to publish a book,Joel has another website that can guide you to accomplish that goal! Ok, that was a shameless plug for Joel, but this is his website :-)

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