Family on Bikes Denied Guinness World Record

When we began traveling last year it wasn’t long before we connected with the Vogel family online. This family of four set out with their two young boys three years ago to make a new Guinness World Record. When they finished their trip earlier this year, we were very excited for them. Joel even wrote a song in their honor. Today they learned they’ve been denied the record.

Here’s what they posted on Facebook as having received from Guinness:

“Thank you for sending us the details of your recent record attempt for ‘Youngest Person to pedal the length of the Americas’. We are afraid to say that we are unable to accept this as a Guinness World Record.

Unfortunately, we at Guinness World Records, have decided to rest this record, meaning we have decided to no longer recognise the category as a record, due to the fact that the record would reach an age where a person would no longer be able to break it or attempt (i.e. a two-year old attempting to do it) and as it would become limited under these terms, we choose to to no longer recognise it as a category.

The achievement, however, is an amazing one and we hope you and your family enjoyed it.”

You can read the thread on Facebook as well.

Whatever happens, whether the family decides to pursue trying to get Guinness to recognize the record or not, we want it known that we think the Vogel family did something worthy of note. It’s not the world record that matters so much. It’s that this family persevered in a goal together. It’s about what the journey meant to them. Please read more about their journey on the blog.

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  1. I feel so sad for them. I understand the protection of children by the introduction of that sort of rule (I mean, do we really want to see 12 year olds competing to sail around the world unassisted?) but they did it in a safe, protected environment with their parents…and had been told years ago how to go about breaking the record.

    Guiness — think about it, this is just maddness to not allow them to go into the record books.

  2. I know that Nancy and her family are far more interested in how the accomplishment has changed them than they are in the record. It just feels unfair, and it’s hard not to step up when we feel cheated.

    Here’s hoping the Vogels get exactly what they want.

  3. I actually just read the letter that Davy wrote and I don’t think it is fair that those rules were changed while they were actually in the middle of trying to break it.

    @ Tom – thats funny Guinness drinking Guinness!

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