Max and Maddie the Mini Australian Shepherds

This past weekend we stayed overnight in Colorado Springs with Couch Surfers Chris and John Orsborn. They have two one-year old mini Australian Shepherds, Max and Maddie (sisters). They greeted us warmly as we came in. Fiona’s been a bit nervous about dogs but she finally got down with them and before long was right at home, as you can see. We’re quite familiar with this type of dog as Joel’s sister Lynn has been raising them for years.

Max and Maddie and Fiona
Max and Maddie and Fiona


  1. They did kind of remind me of Brodie. Though these are young dogs still (only 1 year old) so Brodie presents himself in a much more dignified manner than these jumpy, young ladies! :)

  2. I suspected as soon as I saw Brodie the Wonder Dog that he was part Aussie. But, yes, certainly, a dignified gentledog, not a boisterous pup like Max and Maddie (who are adorable, and quite well behaved for young ‘uns.)

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