Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster Colorado

Fiona loves butterflies. She doesn’t necessarily want them flying around her though. We enjoyed our visit to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster Colorado this past weekend. Thanks to our friend Dorothy, a school teacher in the Denver area, we had complimentary tickets.

When you first enter the pavilion there’s a section about bugs. There are scorpions and even a tarantula you can pet. My mom would have loved that! Fiona was not at all interested. She did enter that section but then was almost too afraid to leave. We didn’t spend much time in that room.

Off to the aquatic section. No, still not brave enough to pet the starfish. Neat to look at though. Oh, the gift shop. We’ll go there at the end. The butterflies were beautiful. Though why they have to fly around and startle Fiona, she’ll never understand. The turtle started charging for us. But we managed to get away.

The most fun for Fiona was the section where the kids could take off their shoes and play, learn as they walked through a ‘maze’ and then pretend to ‘fly’ like a butterfly by hanging on to a zip line, raising your feet and pushing off. Yes, Fiona did that! Amazing!


More photos of it all can be on our Flickr.com page.

Sunday we went to the Molly Brown Museum in Denver. That was interesting. We all learned more about Molly and the Titanic. Thank you Dorothy for our complimentary tickets!

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