Visit to the Golden Care Center in South Dakota

Today while visiting my friend in Mimi and her family in South Dakota, we visited the care center for the elderly where Joel got to play his music for an hour. Mimi and her family go once a month to visit with the residents and usually they do a craft or something. So this was a special treat.
Joel singing and playing music

The lady front and center seemed to really enjoy it and commented afterward to me that it was nice to have something different for the hour. Another lady told Joel they have a mandolin maker as a resident as well.

residents in the care center

Fiona loves visiting Mimi and her family since there are three little girls to play with. They also have four brothers. They usually stay up quite late at night playing and giggling.

Mimi's children

Of course last night Fiona decided to stay up ALL night! And she did. Though the other children took turns sleeping. She woke one of them up at 2 am to get a drink of water! Mimi and her children haven’t yet said we can’t come back. Fiona crashed for about an hour during our visit to the care center. I’m working hard to keep her awake now till after dinner so she will sleep tonight.

Fiona crashed sleeping

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