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You Don’t Want a Job: Why Self-Employment Reduces Your Risks & Increases Your Rewards

That’s the full title of my 10th book, being released this Friday, July 27th, and one of the many reasons I’ve been absent from this blog so long. I hope you’ll join me on a little virtual book tour throughout the month of August. You’ll meet lots of interesting people and just might learn a … Continue reading »

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My Daughter is Coming to Visit in August!

The last time we saw Rachelle in person was one year ago in August when we visited for a few days. Though Rachelle and Fiona have stayed in touch by phone and e-cards, they are so looking forward to seeing each other in person next month when Rachelle comes to Wisconsin for a visit. Fiona … Continue reading »

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Taking Care of Mumsie

We call Joel’s mom ‘mumsie’. Actually she called herself that first. Sometimes we refer to her as Grandma Mumsie when talking to Fiona so she knows we’re talking about her paternal grandma and not her maternal grandma. One of the reasons we chose to settle for a while in Rice Lake, Wisconsin is because this … Continue reading »

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Are We There Yet?

Life changes. Sometimes we can control the changes; most often we can’t. It’s a journey – one we are continuing to take. Continue reading »

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What Is Your Source of Income?

Families who want to travel or are traveling often get asked this question. We have multiple streams of income and the one that’s been around the longest is Spinhead Web Design. In paradoxical leap worthy of Dr. Who, the Spinhead website has reverted to our design from September of 2002, based on Joel’s favorite Dr. … Continue reading »

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The Journey Begins Anew Today

The journey of life begins anew today for our family. Our son, James Ashman, is joining us from California. He’s driving clear across the country all by himself. So of course I’m a bit concerned. But he’s a lot like me and I know he’ll take care and plan well and arrive safe. He’s looking … Continue reading »

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Broiled, Not Baked – When the Oven Thermostat Doesn’t Work

If you know anything about the Canfield family, you know we love to make our own bread, daily if at all possible, and eat it warm fresh out of the oven. The home we’re staying in right now doesn’t have a working oven. The broiler works but ┬ánot the thermostat. We’re all waiting on more … Continue reading »

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Gearing Up for the Big Party

It’s been heads down so we can gear up for the big book release party November 11, 2011 in Philadelphia. The venue has been confirmed. Everyone in the area is invited to join us! When: Friday, November 11, 2011 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Where: London Grill 2301 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia, PA Check out the … Continue reading »

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Columbus Public Library Stop Before Canfield Ohio

We’re at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. The children’s section is great! Fiona is having a blast. We were able to obtain a guest pass to use the wireless for internet access. Now we just need to find a place to stay overnight before landing in Philadelphia on Saturday. It ends up that so far none … Continue reading »

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A Year Ago Today We Left Roseville California

A year ago today we left Roseville California to head to Montreal. It’s been quite a year. We’ve driven through a lot of states and stayed with lots of interesting people. What have we learned? For one thing, I don’t want to live in a big city ever again. I don’t want to move back … Continue reading »

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