Golden Colorado History Museum, Clear Creek Park and Astor House

Yesterday we spent all afternoon doing a bunch of things. Our friend Dorothy had given us complimentary tickets to go to Golden Colorado and see the Golden History Museum, Astor House and Clear Creek Park. The drive out there was beautiful. We had to stop and get some pictures of the beautiful green valley. There was a light mist that was refreshing after all the heat we’ve had.

The River in Golden Colorado
The River in Golden Colorado

The Golden History Museum has a room full of old musical instruments – yes, that’s where you’ll find Joel! There was a folding organ and a melodeon and Joel can tell you more about all of that.

musical instruments

Of course on the way back we had to try Ripple Yogurt, recommended by Rita. We had several flavors and toppings. And let’s not forget, since it was on the way back, that we just had to go back to Celestial Seasonings again. Though we didn’t do the tour again (we’ve done it twice before and it was too late this day) we did try various teas and bought some cold brew, Victorian Earl Grey, Devonshire English Breakfast, Sugar Plum Spice and Honey Vanilla Chamomile.

Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster Colorado

Fiona loves butterflies. She doesn’t necessarily want them flying around her though. We enjoyed our visit to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster Colorado this past weekend. Thanks to our friend Dorothy, a school teacher in the Denver area, we had complimentary tickets.

When you first enter the pavilion there’s a section about bugs. There are scorpions and even a tarantula you can pet. My mom would have loved that! Fiona was not at all interested. She did enter that section but then was almost too afraid to leave. We didn’t spend much time in that room.

Off to the aquatic section. No, still not brave enough to pet the starfish. Neat to look at though. Oh, the gift shop. We’ll go there at the end. The butterflies were beautiful. Though why they have to fly around and startle Fiona, she’ll never understand. The turtle started charging for us. But we managed to get away.

The most fun for Fiona was the section where the kids could take off their shoes and play, learn as they walked through a ‘maze’ and then pretend to ‘fly’ like a butterfly by hanging on to a zip line, raising your feet and pushing off. Yes, Fiona did that! Amazing!


More photos of it all can be on our page.

Sunday we went to the Molly Brown Museum in Denver. That was interesting. We all learned more about Molly and the Titanic. Thank you Dorothy for our complimentary tickets!

Max and Maddie the Mini Australian Shepherds

This past weekend we stayed overnight in Colorado Springs with Couch Surfers Chris and John Orsborn. They have two one-year old mini Australian Shepherds, Max and Maddie (sisters). They greeted us warmly as we came in. Fiona’s been a bit nervous about dogs but she finally got down with them and before long was right at home, as you can see. We’re quite familiar with this type of dog as Joel’s sister Lynn has been raising them for years.

Max and Maddie and Fiona
Max and Maddie and Fiona

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

Last Saturday we drove from Albuquerque to Colorado Springs before landing in Longmont for our two week house sitting job starting Sunday. We stayed Saturday night with a wonderful couple, John and Chris, that we found on Fiona enjoyed playing with the neighbor’s children on Sunday morning, especially with the little girl and her little princess walkie-talkies. Fiona had so much fun she fell down and scraped her elbow. That part wasn’t fun.

When we had told Rita (who we’d be house sitting for in Longont) that we were stopping off in Colorado Springs, she said we should see Garden of the Gods. So Sunday early afternoon we did just that. Of course as soon as we got to the visitor center it started to rain. We got a few pictures before it completely poured.

Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods

Heading to Colorado on Saturday for a Repeat House Sitting Job

Today ended the six-week house sitting job here in Albuquerque. The homeowner has returned to a clean home and we made a nice dinner for her and her children. Since Sonja’s someone we’ve known for a while now, we’re enjoying an additional day or so with her and then we’re heading to Colorado on Saturday for a repeat house sitting job.

Rita in Colorado had us house sit for her a while back. We must have done a good job taking care of things and the two cats because she’s asked us back for two weeks. Another Rita in New Jersey may have us house sit for a few months this winter.

The six weeks here have been very productive. We’ve gotten lots of work creating websites, Joel’s published two new books (both also available as Kindle version) and re-released another book under a different title. (Check out all Joel’s books on Amazon)

Our two weeks in Colorado will allow us to visit Celestial Seasonings again and get some more tea. Fiona is wants some blueberry tea. We’ll also get to reconnect with Mrs. Parker, the Kindergarten teacher we got to visit twice this past year. And of course I’ll push Joel to continue working on the sequel to his Irish mystery novel.

National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder

Monday we visited the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder. There were videos to watch and exhibits to see. It’s amazing what all goes in to researching the atmosphere and weather. Behind the facility is the weather trail where we walked and learn more about weather. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed seeing the surrounding trees and mountains.

Longmont Museum and Listening Stones at Park

Sunday we visited the Longmont Museum. There were lots of fun interactive things for Fiona to do. Her favorite of course was to play with the maps upstairs and create her own town.

At a local park there is this sculpture called “Listening Stones”. Though it took us a while to find them, it was well worth it! It was great to sit in this big stone and hear the river in your ears.

Celestial Seasonings Tour and Leanin’ Tree Museum

Last Saturday we took a tour of Celestial Seasonings in Boulder Colorado. The tour is free. The factory wasn’t in production on the weekend and we’d love to go back and take the tour again when it is. We enjoyed the tea sampling before the tour. You can sample any of their 75 varieties. Joel’s favorite is Roastaroma. I especially enjoyed the Sleepytime Vanilla. And Fiona’s new favorite? Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. These aren’t varieties we usually find in stores. So we bought a couple boxes each at their discounted price in the gift shop.

We also visited the Leanin’ Tree Museum only two blocks away. The sculpture garden was a lot of fun – especially since you could actually climb on a couple of them.

Dinosaur Ridge, Timberline Park and Music in Colorado

While we’re in Longmont Colorado this week we decided to have a ‘vacation’ and spend some time seeing some things. This past Friday we took Mrs. Parker’s suggestion and went to Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison. Fiona had a chance to dig for fossils – though she never actually found any. We learned about dinosaurs in the Exhibit Hall. Then we took a walk a bit up Dinosaur Ridge.

Fiona is Back in Kindergarten

Fiona is in First Grade. But yesterday she was back in Kindergarten for the day. Yes, once again, we got to visit Mrs. Parker’s Kindergarten class in Colorado. There are more pictures over at Fiona’s blog.

The class shared their songs with Fiona. She was hesitant at first. She’s not used to having so many kids around her. But she warmed right up. She showed them her ukulele and passed out the journals our family made for each of them. They planned to take them to the aquarium today on their field trip to take notes.

Fiona also used the maps to show the class some of the places we’ve been and are going to. She also pointed out Prague, where the couple we are house sitting for are currently vacationing.