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Bowling in Granby

. . . or Why Daddy Won’t Be Teaching Fiona How To Bowl . . . Yes, I know the video says ‘Cowansville’ . . . I have no idea how that could have happened . . . nomads are never confused about where they are, or where they’ve been, or where they’re going . … Continue reading »

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Montreal 10th (and Final) Leg: Ottawa to Montreal

Note to self (#61)—Two weeks is not nearly enough time to cross two countries. Note to self (#62)—When you’re rushing across two countries in only two weeks you have, like, zero time to get to know the amazing, generous, wonderful people who’ve made it possible; not just possible, but heart-filling good. The drive through Montreal … Continue reading »

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Montreal 9th Leg: Toronto to Ottawa

Highway 7, the Trans Canada Highway, rivals the Ring of Kerry for unique natural beauty. Fortunately I got some video we’ll share later, because it’s hard to describe the interaction of the rock and water and trees and sun and clouds. Google told us that the smaller highway would be 100 miles shorter than the … Continue reading »

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Montreal 8th Leg: Fremont to Toronto

For some reason the short-ish drive completely wore me out. Crossing into Canada was uneventful. Spectacular scenery continues. Weather is cooling, some (why is it still 80 degrees F this far into October, this far north? I’m confused.) Toronto has a freeway system that makes sense: every so often a set of collector lanes turn … Continue reading »

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Montreal 7th Leg: Rice Lake to Fremont (Part 2)

Our second-longest drive (after the Roseville-Phoenix jaunt) went well, overall. We kept hoping we’d arrive early, and it looked like we would until the left headlamp went black an hour from Fremont. I assumed we’d just soldier on and fix it in the morning at Charlie’s, but Sue called Google-411 to see if there was … Continue reading »

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Montreal Itinerary

Looks like it’s going to take 2 full weeks, 14 days, to make Montreal. Guess I’m not the road warrior I thought I was, but I just can’t imagine pushing that hard for that long. Also, I guess I can’t just drop in on my Mom, who I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years, for … Continue reading »

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