Scary Suspension Bridge Over Vancouver’s Lynn Canyon

Catching up on some more video from our Vancouver trip. Someone told us about this swinging scary bridge 150 above the floor of Lynn Canyon, so of course, we had to go see.

Fiona was very brave. I don’t know what Sue was, but she seemed to like it.

Here’s proof that I crossed it. Twice. Will I cross it again? Ever? Dunno.

A Song for Caitlyn and Ian: Like This Forever

Caitlyn and Ian are kindred spirits, and though I wrote this for my own Best Beloved, they inspired it. So this is for Caitlyn and Ian.

Like This Forever

You want your first love to last forever
You know this is right where they belong
But they don’t seem to see
The inevitability
And you’re left wond’ring what went wrong

Once your heart’s been split right down the middle
Feels like you could never love again
But hearts are pretty tough
Made of stronger stuff
They heal and hope to hope for love again

You’re all I need when we’re together
Might sound sentimental, but it’s true
I could go on like this forever
And I think that’s exactly what I’ll do

So sail the sea of life a little longer
Get to know your heart a little more
Like a fine old wine
Takes a little time
Love can bring you right back in to shore

You’re all I need when we’re together
Might sound sentimental, but it’s true
I could go on like this forever
And I think that’s exactly what I’ll do

Maybe love is better when you’re older
Maybe love was waiting all along
Maybe love needs time to find another
Maybe love is more than just a song

My back was stiff when I woke up this morning
There didn’t seem to be a reason why
My brain and heart
Refuse to have a part
In winding slowly down to die

You’re all I need when we’re together
Might sound sentimental, but it’s true
I could go on like this forever
And I think that’s exactly what I’ll do
And I think that’s exactly what I’ll do

(No hippopotamuses were harmed in the making of this post)

The Eagles Have Landed

Ian and Caitlyn have arrived for a quick overnighter before Trip #2.

Beans on the stove, brown rice and cornbread in the oven, homemade salsa in the fridge.

It’s gonna be a great dinner, followed almost instantly by waffles (or pancakes, no one’s decided for sure) for breakfast.

By bedtime tonight we will have tripled the amount of time we’ve spent with these folks whose home we’ve been living in for more than two weeks.

Saturday’s Adventure: Skytrain, Seabus, & Stanley Park

Saturday we finally took Fiona on her long-promised Skytrain ride. We each got an all day pass that allowed us to ride the Skytrain, Seabus and city buses in any zones. So we took full advantage of it. After lunch we walked the block to the bus stop and then took the bus to the nearest Skytrain Station. From there we rode the Skytrain all the way to Vancouver.

Joel taking public transportation:

Joel taking public transportation

Fiona didn’t want to sit. She loved hanging on to the poles and getting jerked around as we came to a stop and started again. She had a blast! In Vancouver we took the Seabus across to North Vancouver. We walked around the Waterfront Park and then walked across the way to the other side of the Seabus station. There was a very high stair case we climbed which Fiona actually didn’t enjoy but she did it. Below there were kids playing in bubbles in water. I mean the children were enclosed in these huge plastic bubbles that were in the water and they had fun playing in them. We shot video and will have to post it later.

Fiona on the Seabus:

Fiona on the Seabus

We took the Seabus back to Vancouver and then chatted for a bit with a lady that’s originally from the UK. She’s traveled to Spain and Scotland as well where she has cousins. Then it was to the bus to go to Stanley Park. Where Joel will tell you in another post about our walk and how close we were to the Rose Gardens when we first arrived and how long it took us to actually get there.

Yellow Roses - Sue's favorite

At Stanley Park Fiona also saw ducks and raccoons. Then she got to play at the park and make a new friend while Joel and I swung on the swings. We finally took the Skytrain back into New Westminster and ended up walking home, much of it uphill. Joel will also share more of that story.

It was a great adventure day and we all had a lot of fun!

Updated August 19, 2010 with pictures!

Famous Traveling Musician to Perform in Canada

Oh, alright; it’s just me.

But Monday night I’ll be performing in Queen’s Park here in New Westminster. Up there on a stage, in the bandshell, with seats out there for folks to sit in and the whole shootin’ match.

I take the stage at 7:00 pm and will play for about an hour. It’s still light here until nearly 9:00 so it’ll be broad daylight for my whole show.

If you’re within driving distance, c’mon down! Tell all your friends so y’all can come down and make me look famous.

If you’re not in the area, I’ll be shooting video of the whole thing. It will look much like all the other music videos I’ve done, except it’ll be in Canadian, eh?