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Music and Roses

Joel’s been able to set up all his music equipment here in Albuquerque. There’s plenty of room and since we’ll be here for several weeks, it gives him an opportunity to easily practice every day. He’ll be recording some of his music while we’re house sitting here. Our new friend Larry is a musician. Last … Continue reading »

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Ushuaia, the End (FAWM 2011 #14, Dedicated to “Family On Bikes”)

In June of 2008, the Vogel family set out from as far north as you can get on this continent, heading for as far south as you can get on the next continent. By bicycle. By the time they arrive in just a few days their twin sons will hold the world record for traveling … Continue reading »

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Corner of My Eye (FAWM 2011 #13)

The past two FAWMs I’ve tried my hand at some jazz guitar. This year it almost didn’t happen. I didn’t plan it, at least, but my unconscious decided otherwise. During most of the 14,000 miles we’ve traveled in the past six months, I’ve driven, with Sue in the passenger seat, just visible out of the … Continue reading »

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Hey Joel (FAWM 2011 #12)

This one is a collaboration with Oddbod, the performing name of one Tim Conway who lives in Kent, England. I’d wanted to write something with him since he came to FAWM. I’m writing as much as I can about our travels this year, but if you listen to Oddbod’s other music you’ll see I couldn’t … Continue reading »

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Just Another Day (FAWM 2011 #11)

Sue wrote this about her father, and I desperately wanted to put it to music. I’d like to nudge a few of the words a bit to make it easier to sing. I was amazed at the chord progression that presented itself as I read the words. I’ve asked around, and the musicologists at FAWM … Continue reading »

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Letters You Never Read (FAWM 2011 #10)

Terry is becoming quite a lyricist. He shared these with me and let me put them to music. Listen to ‘Letters You Never Read’ Letters you Never Read Verse 1 Every day I wrote in the early light Onto pages my feelings just for you Kept them tucked away; hidden from view In a box … Continue reading »

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A Light Between the Branches (FAWM 2011 #9)

Especially proud of this one. I conceived the a capella intro two weeks ago, recorded it, and then got nothing for almost two weeks. I didn’t know what the song was supposed to be about, except in broad general terms. Then, instead of trying to describe the entirety of our travel in Canada, I chose … Continue reading »

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Two Piano Experiments (FAWM 2011 #7 & #8)

I’m working on my piano playing, just not very much. These two experiments with chord progressions and melody reminded me that I don’t practice the piano much. I thought it would be fair to share all the stuff I wrote, not just the ones I’m happy with. Listen to ‘From the Top’ Listen to ‘Finding … Continue reading »

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Water (FAWM 2011 #6)

The past few years I’ve written a handful of songs with our daughter Rachelle. This year we did something experimental; I just played a chord progression on the guitar and sent it to her, and she just improvised some lyrics over it and sent it back. I decided it needed some harmony so I sang … Continue reading »

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Brand New Starting From Scratch (FAWM 2011 #5)

Finished another song; this on a collaboration with Terry ‘Pegleg’ Wilson. Terry wrote a bass line and then started talking about a time in his life when he was driving from an old life that wasn’t doing him any good to a new job in a new place. Sue took notes as he was talking, … Continue reading »

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