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3 Week Itch, the Song (FAWM 2011 #4)

Sue thought the last line of that post should be a song, so now it is. I intentionally made it sound like an old record. First time I’ve recorded a song on the ukulele. Listen to ‘3 Week Itch’ Lyrics: I’m a whirling flowing wind that needs to blow. where we’ll end up I don’t … Continue reading »

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Mes Lointains Rivage (FAWM 2011 #3)

Chatting with Elisabeth Beucher, a friend who lives in Paris, I discovered she’s a poet. Of course, I immediately asked if she’d share a poem I could put to music. She chose well, and we’re both delighted with the U2/trance feeling of it. She said I pronounced all the words correctly. Since I don’t speak … Continue reading »

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This Path (FAWM 2011 #02)

Sometimes I have chords and a melody but the words, the subject of the song, won’t surface. I usually ask Sue to listen and tell me what she feels. I’m still surprised when, five seconds in, she turns and tells me exactly what I was thinking but couldn’t put into words. One of the best … Continue reading »

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The Map (FAWM 2011 #01)

It’s February, which means February Album Writing Month. During the next 27 days I’ll be writing (and almost certainly recording) 14 brand new songs. (FAWM lasts 28 days, but we’re traveling on the 28th.) I haven’t been feeling well, so I certainly wasn’t planning on staying up ’til the official kickoff at midnight. Sue, on … Continue reading »

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Duke the Singing Dog

My brother Brett’s dog Duke likes to sing while Brett plays the harmonica. This is the first time Brett and I have played music together in, um, since, er, I don’t remember. Huh. Must be more than 20 years. How is that possible?

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Montreal 8th Leg: Fremont to Toronto

For some reason the short-ish drive completely wore me out. Crossing into Canada was uneventful. Spectacular scenery continues. Weather is cooling, some (why is it still 80 degrees F this far into October, this far north? I’m confused.) Toronto has a freeway system that makes sense: every so often a set of collector lanes turn … Continue reading »

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A Song for Caitlyn and Ian: Like This Forever

Caitlyn and Ian are kindred spirits, and though I wrote this for my own Best Beloved, they inspired it. So this is for Caitlyn and Ian. Like This Forever You want your first love to last forever You know this is right where they belong But they don’t seem to see The inevitability And you’re … Continue reading »

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