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Snow Day in St. Alphonse

“Snow? In October? Nonsense!”—Cristina Favreau Oh yeah?

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Nomads Adapt

I seriously underestimated the disorienting effect of being surrounded by a language I don’t speak, don’t understand. Because the friends we’re staying with speak perfect English (despite conducting much of their life in French) I assumed this part of Quebec would by like my experience in Ireland: everyone could speak Irish, but everyone also spoke … Continue reading »

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People Are Unimaginably Generous

In the short time since we chose this life I’ve been humbled by people’s active desire to show generosity. The support we’re receiving is not begrudging, not limited. In every instance, when we were already pleasantly surprised at the kindness and warmth and open-handedness of our hosts and supporters, they have one and all expressed … Continue reading »

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The Stars and the Sails

Nothing to see here, folks; move along . . . I may be a navigator, able to steer a course and bring our ship to port. You are the sun which shows me where to go; the stars that tell me why I must; the sails that move me; a place warm and soft and … Continue reading »

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It’s Not Just Physical

In the space of two weeks we have reduced the contents of our 4,000 square foot rental to what will fit in our van for traveling, and 20 boxes and a filing cabinet to go to storage. That square footage includes a full attic and basement; unusual for California, but we used them. I had … Continue reading »

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Nomadic Travel: What Are We Really Doing?

You’ve heard that the Canfield family is going to travel and live a nomadic lifestyle. What does that mean? What are we really doing? Let me explain. We are no longer renting a place to live. We’re packing our Kia Sedona minivan with our clothing, Joel’s musical instruments and equipment, important books and papers, Fiona’s … Continue reading »

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The Real Challenge

I wrote a few days ago that the real challenges are inside us; the journey simply exposes them. Here’s my challenge: guilt. And I don’t even know, for certain, why. I feel like I’m cheating the system. Living without the cost of a house and its utilities is less expensive. I know a lot of … Continue reading »

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Have I Always Had the Travel Bug?

Looking back over my 46 years of life (I’m not afraid of my age), I think now perhaps there’s always been a part of me that wanted to get up and go – travel. As I child the only vacation I remember our family taking was driving to the Grand Canyon. Many times dad just … Continue reading »

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Traveling Every Place in the Universe

When I asked Fiona if it was okay if we just traveled like this for a while, she said, “yes, as long as after we visit every place in the universe, we stop traveling.” So then I asked how long she thought that would take. She said, “Ten years.” Daddy asked how old she’d be … Continue reading »

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The Verdict

is yes. Sue just gave 30-day notice on the house. She’d already called the phone company and pulled the plug. The two adult children living with us intend to be living elsewhere before the end of September. It’s on.

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