Sue will be updating this page soon, but I wanted to slap in a note about our informal kaffeeklatches at Waves Coffee Houses all over Vancouver during August. We’re hoping to meet with entrepreneurs to chat about what you do, what your challenges are, and to connect personally instead of just via the web.

I promise, it’ll all be fun and informal and not about us. We don’t work that way. Watch this space for specific dates and times to meet for coffee or tea or whatever you drink from the Waves menu, and if you’d like more info, leave a shout in the comments below, or sign up for our newsletter. (Do we have a newsletter? Hmmm . . . someone should do something about that, eh?)

Upcoming Event

August 6, 2010: Client Communication Clinic for Virtual Workers in Vancouver

Effective communication with clients is vital for every business person, and especially so for virtual workers and virtual assistants. The Client Communication Clinic helps you develop the best client communications possible to grow your business. We address communication in marketing, with your ideal client, in networking situations, with prospects and in your newsletter. Details can be found at Event Brite.

Bonus Items include:

What's Love Got To Do With It? How to Have the Perfect VA-Client RelationshipFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: A Quick-Start Guide for Virtual AssistantsVickie Turley’s book

Christine Giri’s ebook on CD

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