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Sue is working with a handful of professional associations to add more sponsors for this trip, and perhaps for the overall endeavour.

"Yo Pal" HalElrod
“Yo Pal” Hal Elrod, Bestselling Author, Speaker, & Coach and

The Network Hub
The Network Hub
3rd floor – 422 Richards Street
Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6B 2Z4


Folks who’ve contributed something to help us create events along the way.

Renee ShupeRedhead Business Management

James AshmanJames Ashman

Preferred Supporters

Our lovely preferred supporters have made what I like to call ‘significant purchases’ from our store. Profits from such go directly to our bottom line, as the accountant in the family would say, helping defray costs not covered by sponsorships. (Currently sponsorships cover far less than half the overall cost.)


And these wonderful folks are the bedrock and foundation. A simple purchase from our store adds coin of the realm directly to our coffers which, as mentioned above, offsets the many costs not already pummeled into submission by our sponsors.

Other People Who’ve Shared the Madness

We strongly recommend Charlottezweb Hosting for your website (Yes, we get paid to say that. We’d say it anyway.)

Thanks to Jason Saunders of Charlottezweb for the name suggestion. (That’s an affiliate link. If you click it and buy hosting from the finest hosting company on earth, I will have a large tea instead of a medium tea tomorrow morning.)

Grand huzzahs to Caitlyn James for imagining better (it’s not just the name of her website.) We had the tinder already, but you single-handedly sparked the Canada trip, and by extension, the whole thing.

Julie Dillman, Debi Leonard, Brad Trnavsky, and Leanne Stewart played a part in this first trip as well.

You might also check out the other nomads in the right-hand column. Maya and Tom Frost, Chris Guillebeau, and Rolf Potts have all done some variation of this, and it would have been harder to believe in ourselves if they hadn’t believed in us without even knowing it. (I mean, you can’t be who these people are without a ginormous faith in the human psyche, right?)

Last, but never anything but first, my life and heart and soul and everything in them to the Wife Who Saved My Life. You own me, forever.

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