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Do You Love Your Chiropractor?

We’ve been visiting Dr. Petrice Foxworthy for years, and my back just isn’t going to be happy without her ministrations. If you truly love your chiropractor, please post a link to their website below or give us their contact information so we can connect when we’re in that part of the country.


  1. We are a family wellness chiropractic office that would love to be of service if you make it to Maine. One of our patients alerted me to your website. Good Luck and Have Fun!!


  2. Joel,

    Dr. Stein in UTC, San Diego is amazing! I never expected a chiropractor to stop my migraine headache cycle but he did. He was also very helpful with Kelly’s sinusitis. Between his chiropractic approach and his suggestion of salt rinses, we’ve both been sinus infection free for years. (Kelly also avoided surgery) When you’re around in December, I’ll introduce you.


  3. I love, love, love my chiro! He’s unlike anyone I’ve ever been to and I’ve been a chiro patient since 1984. He’s very intuitive, not even needing to take x-rays and only once has he had to adjust my neck. They also have massage there, but I’ve never used her. Instead I go to the Boulder College of Massage 15 minutes away. You can get a 60 or 90 minute massage from a student or a professional. Appointments needed in advance for massage at the college but Dr. Fritz can usually fit you in same day or next ;-)

  4. When you pass through Ventura County, Dr Barbara Doreo not only is the BEST chiropractor, but she also cleans your teeth and does ozone therapy! You will LOVE her!

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